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Divesting Assets During a Divorce Takes a Team with a Special Expertise
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During a divorce, emotions can sometimes run high. You need a team that has the experience and expertise to not only get the job done, but remain a neutral third-party, working towards everyone's best interests.
A Professional, Unbiased Team
Let's face it. Divorce can be messy. Emotions can run high. There are assets, money, relationships, and egos at stake. Our goal is to help you and your former spouse or partner divest your assets as quickly and as fairly as possible, with the least amount of drama. You may not agree on much anymore, but we're the team you can both agree on.
Real Estate
From buying and selling and everything in between, we can help you and your former partner divest your real estate holdings in a fair and efficient way.
Financial Planning
Our financial professionals can help you invest your money smartly, understand tax implications, and more.
We can also help you qualify for a mortgage independently or refinance your current mortgage if one of you is staying in the home.
Meet Your Team
Our team of professionals can help you navigate the emotional path of asset divestiture in a painless and timely manner. We are the team you can both agree on.
Tazz weatherly
Tazz is a licensed real estate expert with an empahsis in divorce real estate.
Jessika ondrick
As a mortgage professional, Jessika has been helping couples and individuals obtain new mortgages for decades.
Neal Elliott
Neal is a financial service professional, insurance agent, and asset specialist. His focus is on helping couples find appropriate investments after divorce.
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